Houston Marine Services


Our Services
  • Marine Surveys

    1. Draft Surveys (Dry Bulk).
    2. Bunker Surveys ( Bulk Oil ).
    3. Towage Approval Surveys.
    4. Sea-Fasting and Lashing Surveys.
    5. Pre-purchase condition surveys of varius Ships.
    6. On / Off Hire Surveys ( Consumables and Condition).
    7. Ship Fire Safety Inspections/Surveys.

  • Superintendency

    1. Superintendency and Ship Repair Supervision.
    2. preparing defect list and supervising all kind of repairs during Dry Docking of Ship.
    3. Organising and preparing Machinary items for Class Surveys.

    All types of ship repairs can be evaluated and detailed specifications produced. Repaires can be monitored and superintendency arranged as required. Necessary test and trials can be attended to insure compliance as per requirements and regulations. Modifications or change in design can be recommended to prevent recurrence of problems.

  • Load Testing

    We undertake load testing and certification of lifting equipments and items of loose gear Lifting equipments.

    1 Ships Cranes, Derricks, Engine Room Overhead Crane, Ships Gantries.
    2. The items of loose gear include, single/multi sheave blocks, chains, hooks, rings, shackles, swivels, lifting beams, spreaders, frames, wie ropes and slings etc.
    3. All kinds of lifting Equiptments in Marine and Industrial Workshops.

    We carry out above load tests of lifting equipments and items of loose gear with the help of calibrated Load Cell, Test Weights and Water bags.

  • Special Surveys

    1. Container cargo/damage surveys.
    2. Oil tanker pre-vetting inspections.
    3. Loss prevention and assessment.
    4. Pre-shiping Condition Surveys.
    5. Vessel Salvage supervision
    6. Cargo Damage Suurveys.
    7. Loading and Discharging Surveys.
    8. P&I Club Condition Surveys.
    9. Fire and Flood Investigations.
    10. Vessel Valuation Surveys.
    11. Hatch Cover Condition Surveys.
    12. Stuffing / Destuffing of Containers.
    13. Oil pollution and Environmental protection.
    14. QMS/ISO/ISM/Safety Internal Audits.

  • Tests and Certification

    1. Bollard pull test and certification of tugs,supply vessels and towing vessels.
    2. Non-Destructive Testing (N.D.T) of Steel Plates and Pipes onboard ships.
    3. Fuel Testing (Quality and Quantity).
    4. Fresh Water Testing (Quality and Quantity).
    5. Ballast Water Management and Testing.
    6.Tanks and inclose Compartments - Testing, Gasfreeing and Certification.

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